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          'PigeonBot' brings aircraft closer to feathered-flight

          Since the dawn of the aviation era, inventors have strived to build aircraft that fly as nimbly as birds, whose morphable wings allow for faster, tighter turns and more efficient gliding.


          Improved brain chip for precision medicine

          The Akay Lab biomedical research team at the University of Houston is reporting an improvement on a microfluidic brain cancer chip previously developed in their lab. The new chip allows multiple-simultaneous drug administration, ...

          'Invisible computing' startup unveils smart contact lens

          A startup focused on "invisible computing" Thursday unveiled a smart contact lens which delivers an augmented reality display in a user's field of vision.

          Nanoparticle levitated by light rotates at 300 billion rpm

          A dumbbell-shaped nanoparticle powered just by the force and torque of light has become the world's fastest-spinning object.

          Photoelectrochemical water-splitting efficiency hits 4.5%

          Solar-to-fuel conversion offers a promising technology to solve energy problems, yet device performance could be limited by undesired sunlight absorption. Researchers show copper thiocyanate can assist hole transport in oxide ...

          Computer Sciences

          Patent talk: Mobile device with solar panels

          Are we to expect to see a future Surface Pro with solar panels? Microsoft has thought about a solar power idea as apparent in a patent that the tech giant filed with the USPTO, namely, "Mobile device cover with integrated ...

          Machine learning & AI

          Brain-like network uses disorder to detect order

          A disordered network that is capable of detecting ordered patterns: This sounds contradictory, but it comes close to describing the way the brain works. Researchers of the University of Twente have developed a such brain-inspired ...

          Computer Sciences

          Google claims its 'nowcast' short-term weather predictions are more accurate than advanced models

          A team of researchers working at Google's Mountain View research center has developed a deep-learning-based weather forecasting tool for predicting short-term weather events. They have written a paper describing their "nowcasting ...


          Carriers' insecure procedures make life easy for SIM swap tricksters

          So, you have confidence that you are safe from attackers who wreak havoc with authentication weaknesses? Think again or at least consider recent research findings. Five carriers used insecure authentication challenges—insecurity ...

          Computer Sciences

          Researchers use game theory to help policy makers create liability rules for accidents involving self-driving cars

          A recent decision by the National Transpiration Safety Board (NTSB) on the March 2018 Uber crash that killed a pedestrian in Arizona split the blame among Uber, the company's autonomous vehicle (AV), the safety driver in ...


          NSA finds major security flaw in Windows 10, free fix issued

          The National Security Agency has discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that could allow hackers to intercept seemingly secure communications.


          Google says it will phase out web-tracking 'cookies'

          Google on Tuesday said is making progress in its quest to vanquish third-party "cookies" on its popular browser used to track people's online activities, a focus of many privacy activists.

          Machine learning & AI

          Man versus machine: Can AI do science?

          Over the last few decades, machine learning has revolutionized many sectors of society, with machines learning to drive cars, identify tumors and play chess—often surpassing their human counterparts.


          Encryption battle reignited as US govt at loggerheads with Apple

          Apple and the US government are at loggerheads for the second time in four years over unlocking iPhones connected to a mass shooting, reviving debate over law enforcement access to encrypted devices.

          Consumer & Gadgets

          Panasonic charms VR fans with aviator-style glasses

          Panasonic's gift to CES 2020? Panasonic shades. For a very special function. Virtual reality. The talking point about their being showcased at the event is that they are glasses in shape.


          New helmet design can deal with sports' twists and turns

          As a neurologist, Robert Knight has seen what happens when the brain crashes around violently inside the skull. And he's aware of the often tragic consequences.


          Team builds the first living robots

          A book is made of wood. But it is not a tree. The dead cells have been repurposed to serve another need.

          Britain's green energy sector brightens: survey data

          VW has 'one shot' to survive shift to digital era: CEO

          Microsoft: 'carbon-negative' by 2030 even for supply chain

          Group finds US aircraft approval process effective and safe

          European carmakers build out charging network for electrics

          Austria fails to win over neighbours for nuclear phase-out

          A technology for embedding data in printed objects

          What we can learn about ourselves from studying financial trading bots

          Hydrogen is blowing up: From science experiment to export industry

          Remember DVDs? Two studios have a plan to preserve the near-dead format

          Screen time: Conclusions about the effects of digital media are often incomplete, irrelevant or wrong

          Apps may soon be able to predict your life expectancy, but do you want to know?

          NBC to give price, details on new Peacock streaming service

          UK police use of facial recognition tests public's tolerance

          Toyota investing $400 million in flying car company

          What CES 2020 taught us about this year's phones: Cheaper foldables, 5G and more

          The pitfalls of eco-efficiency

          Will electric cars continue to be mainly for affluent buyers?

          Southwest delays resumption of Boeing 737 MAX flights

          Detecting and mitigating network attacks with a multi-prong approach

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